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Challenge Course

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To provide team building initiatives and activities to develop solidarity and teamship while having fun.

Q. Do I have to be an athlete to do the challenge course?
A. When you are on the course we run under the policy of challenge by choice. You choose what challenge you are comfortable with and want to do. Many of the elements are designed for team building and cooperation and can be done by all skill levels.

Q. Are you sure this cable will hold me?
A. Absolutely! You are on 3/8 inch galvanized aircraft cable that has a tensile strength of 14,000 pounds. We have not had anyone weigh that much yet!

Q. Has anyone died doing this?
A. NO, and we do not plan on this happening.

Q. If I want to bring my family here how much would it cost?
A. Sarah Jaster does all of the booking for the challenge course and can tell you what the cost would be and what dates are open. After you have booked a date a facilitator will contact you and visit with you about what you would like to accomplish with your group on the course.

Q. What age group can do the challenge course?
A. We have had ages from 5 to 78 on the course. Many of the elements can be adapted for different age groups. On the high elements the harness must fit the participant and may eliminate some of the smaller children from participating.

Q. What if I want my group to work on team building?
A. The low elements are designed for the team building and cooperation. That would be the best choice.

Q. What are the other areas?
A. The high elements lend themselves more to confidence building on an individual basis although the group will have the opportunity to encourage their group members. The climbing wall is an individual challenge that does take some physical strength to accomplish. The zip line is just fun but will at times give opportunity to overcome some fears.

Q. How do the facilitators know want to do?
A. Each of our facilitators are certified to work on the course. They go through an intense training that includes written test and skills demonstrations that qualify them to be a facilitator. After they are certified they must complete a recertification each year.

Q. Do I need any special equipment to participate on the course?
A. No, the equipment you will need is provided. You will need to make sure you wear tennis shoes or climbing type boots to be on the course. Jeans or longer jean shorts will also insure that your experience will be a positive one. It is a good idea to leave all jewelry at home. You will not be able to wear it while participating on the course.

Did you know we have names for the 16 low ropes elements and the 7 high ropes elements?

Low Ropes

  • Peter and Paul Walk
  • Trust and Obey
  • Noah’s Ark
  • The Narrow Way
  • Faith Shuffle
  • Red Sea Crossing
  • Sin Trap
  • Balanced Living
  • Cross Bearing
  • Grip Of Grace
  • Faith Quake
  • Holy Ground
  • Paul’s Wall
  • Bridge To Life
  • Pentateuch Traverse
  • Narrow Road

High Ropes

  • Bridge Over Trouble
  • The Damascus Road
  • Moving On Up
  • Faith And Focus
  • Leap Of Faith
  • Ready to Fly

For a printable copy of our Challenge Course brochure click here

If you have any other questions about our challenge course that the FAQ did not answer please contact:

Cheryl Cooke
WCC Facilitator
785-827-6565 OR 877-WCC-RESV
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)